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Custom-made HPC clusters

Use an HPC system that is tailored specifically to your needs. We offer a comprehensive service portfolio that spans all aspects of Windows- and Linux-based HPC. From planning to maintenance, we provide an all-in-one solution for customized high-performance computing that produces results immediately. We analyze your requirements and work with you to plan how best to tailor your hardware to your needs. Installation is carried out using automated processes that ensure your compute cluster is up and running in no time. What's more, tried-and-tested management tools make sure your system is managed efficiently.


What we can do for you 

  • Consulting: Hardware evaluation, benchmarking, studies, operating concepts
  • Custom-designing hardware configurations for Linux- or Windows-based operation in line with your requirements
  • Installing and configuring operating systems and applications
  • Integration into your IT environment: batch system, user administration (NIS, LDAP/Kerberos, Active Directory)
  • Operating your HPC environment

How you benefit 

  • Ideally suited Linux- or Windows-based HPC solution
  • Optimum utilization of your resources
  • Rapid productivity from your HPC system
  • Future proof, extendable cluster concepts
  • Outstanding system availability thanks to professional operation

Our strengths

  • Well-established HPC experience with over 100 successfully implemented systems
  • In-depth knowledge of batch systems and load sharing
  • Comprehensive understanding of heterogeneous system environments (Windows, Linux, Unix)
  • Specialization in HPC for automotive, life sciences and finance environments



Success stories

Crash-test computing
We designed a customized Linux-based HPC solution for an automotive supplier's crash-test computing. s.cluster was used for installation and configuration, batch processing is managed through Platform LSF and job submit is performed via a customized web front-end.

Data conversion
For an automobile manufacturer, we created a plan for the virtualization of their existing Windows cluster environment. Platform LSF is used to load CATIA model data from a PLM system. The data is converted and brought into a structured format on Windows systems.

Virtual medication research
We implemented a Linux cluster for computer-aided research into active ingredients at a pharmaceuticals company. The HPC solution was customized for the individual requirements then installed and configured using s.cluster. Sun Grid Engine is being used as a batch system.